Introduction to Alchemy

Alchemy can be a useful and lucrative, but time consuming, life skill to have in Black Desert. It is used to create a variety of items that give buffs and items that are used in other crafting professions. The byproduct dishes that are created during crafting can be traded in for alchemy experience, contribution experience, basic ingredients, and silver.

Alchemy requires the use of an alchemy utensil placed in a residence. The utensil has durability and will need to be replaced as it wears down (it cannot be repaired). See Tools of the Trade below for details.

Depending on your skill level, you have a chance to proc an increased yield in production and/or higher quality items, as well as additional byproducts. Also, as you level the alchemy skill higher there is a chance to not consume energy.

Mass Production

To mass produce a recipe, add the ingredients for a single recipe of the desired item and select the ‘Produce Continuously’ button to the right of the ‘Craft’ button. Hit ‘Yes’ on the warning popup and then enter the number of times you wish to craft. Make sure you have adequate space in your inventory for the item and the byproducts. This is a great way to AFK craft large numbers of an item.

Tips & Making Money

  • Alchemy quests in major cities are great for leveling your cooking skill, but are time consuming.
  • An alchemy costume is awarded when you reach Professional that provides bonus XP. Similar upgradable cooking costumes can be crafted or purchased on the market.
  • Before you get an alchemy outfit, two to three pieces Hercules Might Armor will allow you to carry more ingredients for a round of cooking and has plenty of sockets for XP bonus gems.
  • For profit, watch the market. Blood (both raw and crafted varieties) is always in demand, but a flooded market will drive the price down and leave your items up for too long.
  • Ingredients to more complicated items may yield a good return in silver on the market with the proper infrastructure in place.
  • Water (Purified or Distilled) is a bottle neck for basic recipes. There is no fast way to get water besides buying it off the market. High processing will increase the yield when processing gathered water into its usable forms.

Tools of the Trade

Alchemy requires the use of an Alchemy Utensil that comes in three varieties: Alchemy Utensil, Intermediate Alchemy Utensil, and Advanced Alchemy Utensil. Standard Alchemy Utensils can be purchased from a materials vendor for 1000 silver or made at a level 2 Tool Workshop. The Intermediate and Advanced Alchemy Utensils must be crafted at a level 3 and 4 tool workshop.

Alchemy Utensil

  • Level 2 Tool Workshop
  • Durability: 100
  • (18) Rough Stone, (10) Melted Iron Shard, (3) Black Stone Powder

Alchemy Utensil (Intermediate)

  • Level 3 Tool Workshop
  • Durability: 500
  • (40) Rough Stone, (20) Melted Iron Shard, (25) Logs, (10) Black Stone Powder

Alchemy Utensil (Advanced)

  • Level 4 Tool Workshop (Glish No. 3)
  • Durability: 900
  • Alchemy Time Reduced by 1 Second
  • (30) Polished Stone, (24) Melted Iron Shard, (15) Usable Scantling, (20) Black Stone Powder

What to do with Byproducts

Most alchemy recipes will yield byproducts that can be turned in for rewards. The in game text is not 100% accurate, so here are the items, turn in npcs, turn in amounts, and rewards.

  • Crude Crystal Fragment
    • Turn In NPC:
      • Heidel:
      • Florin:
    • Turn In Amount: 5x
    • Reward: Clear Liquid Reagents
  • Half Hardened Liquid
    • Turn In NPC:
      • Heidel:
      • Florin:
    • Turn In Amount: 5x
    • Reward: Alchemy XP
  • Shimmering Powder
    • Turn In NPC:
      • Heidel:
      • Florin:
    • Turn In Amount: 5x
    • Reward: 3000 Silver
  • Faded Metal Fragment
    • Turn In NPC:
      • Heidel:
      • Florin:
    • Turn In Amount: 5x
    • Reward: Powder of Darkness
  • Weakened Reagent
    • Turn In NPC:
      • Heidel:
      • Florin:
    • Turn In Amount: 5x
    • Reward: Contribution EXP

Core Resources

Sunrise Herb

  • Velia
    • Balenos Forest
    • Cron Castle Site

Silver Azelea

  • Heidel
    • Northern Plains of Serendia
    • Lynch Farm Ruins

Gathered in the World Only

  • Dry Mane Grass
  • Wild Grass
  • Weeds
  • Everlasting Herb


Use the search function in your browser (ctrl+F) to find specific recipes in this list.

An asterisk (*) after an ingredient means that it can be bought from a vendor.

For all recipes you can follow these general substitution rules:

  • 1 ingredient of GREEN grade can be replaced by 2-3 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
  • 1 ingredient of BLUE grade can be replaced by 3-5 white grade ingredients and vice versa.

Alchemy Potions

These potions are made using the processing menu and the ‘Simple Alchemy’ option. They are an improved replacement for MP and energy potions that are sold by merchants as they are lighter.

Herbal Juice

  • (3) Sunrise Herb/Fire Flake Flower/Weeds/Silver Azalea/Dry Mane Grass/Wild Grass/Everlasting Herb, (1) Mineral Water*
  • Yields 9+
  • Effect: Immediately restores MP/WP/SP by+125. (Weight: 0.3 LT)
  • Proc: Concentrated Herbal Juice

Concentrated Herbal Juice

  • (3) Herbal Juice
  • Yields 1
  • Effect: Immediately restores MP/WP/SP by+175. (Weight: 0.6 LT)
  • Mass Produce
    • (30) Herbal Juice, (1) Salt*
    • Yields 10

Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice

  • (3) Concentrated Herbal Juice
  • Yields 1
  • Effect: Immediately restores MP/WP/SP by+250. (Weight: 1.00 LT)
  • Mass Produce
    • (30) Concentrated Herbal Juice, (1) Salt*
    • Yields 10

Refined Herbal Juice

  • (3) Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice
  • Yields 1
  • Effect: Immediately restores MP/WP/SP by+325. (Weight: 1.75 LT)
  • Mass Produce
    • (30) Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice, (1) Salt*
    • Yields 10

Basic Ingredients

Water  is one of the most boring gatherables in the game but it’s a key element in the basic alchemy recipes. Don’t waste time, money, or resources on buying or crafting the upgraded bottles as they only increase your gathering speed and not yield. Instead, just buy the basic bottles from the materials vendor in any town. Calpheon and Heidel are the easiest to do this at because of their proximity to a fresh water river (and your storage, no doubt). Put the bottles on the quick slot bar and gather away.

Once you’ve gathered a bunch of ‘Bottle of River Water’ use thinning to create Purified Water. If your processing is high enough and luck is on your side you should average around 3 Purified Water for every Bottle of River Water. You may also get some Alluvial Gold, 5 of which can be turned into a Melted Gold Shard.

Clear Liquid Reagents

  • (1) Salt*, (1) Sunrise Herb, (1) Weeds/Wild Grass, (1) Purified Water

Pure Powdered Reagents

  • (1) Sugar*, (1) Silver Azelea, (1) Weeds/Wild Grass, (1) Purified Water


Clown’s Blood

  • (2) Spirit’s Leaf, (1) Powder of Darkness, (1) Clear Liquid Reagents, (5) Blood (Wolf/Flamingo/Rhino/Cheetah)

Sinner’s Blood

  • (1) Bloody Tree Knot, (1) Powder of Flame, (1) Clear Liquid Reagents, (2) Blood (Deer/Ship/Pig/Waragon)

Wise Man’s Blood

  • (2) Monk’s Branch, (1) Trace of Ascension, (1) Clear Liquid Reagents, (5) Blood (Weasel/Fox/Racoon)

Tyrant’s Blood

  • (1) Monk’s Branch, (1) Trace of Savagery, (1) Pure Powdered Reagents, (2) Blood (Bear/Troll/Ogre)

Legendary Beast’s Blood

  • (2) Spirit’s Leaf, (1) Trace of the Earth, (1) Pure Powdered Reagents, (5) Blood (Worm/Lizard/Bat/Kuku Bird)